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OK Ranchers, here’s the details on the 3rd Annual Camp Crawl. The idea is that ‘we’ come together as one big FUN crowd and go from campsite to campsite. Bring your fun outfits, lights, noise makers and what ever other toys you want to bring. Maybe even bring your own cup, for what ever drinks are being served. We ask that each campsite that is ‘hosting’ to do their own thing and be as creative as possible.

CAMPSITES HOSTS – TBD – Contact Sonic if you want to host.

Now there are a bunch of campsites, before, in between and after the ones listed above and those people have inquired if they can do something. So if you want to do something, then just do it.

If people linger at one site or some move ahead of the group, then have FUN, do what you want. There are no rules for the event as there are no rules at The Ranch. All I can ask is that everyone respect the campsites and don’t ‘trash’ anything. Clean up after yourselves, don’t leave bottles or garbage.


Crawl, baby CRAWL!!!!