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Instructor Assisted FreeFall

The IAF training program is used by skydiving centers that are members of the United States Parachute Association (USPA). All of our jumpmasters and instructors have the required USPA ratings and experience to train you in your skydiving progression. Training for your first student skydive begins with a Tandem Skydive. We require the student to make one tandem skydive. After completing the first tandem jump the student participates in the First Jump Course (approximately 6 hours) after which the student makes a reservation for IAF level 2 when the student will jump with two Jumpmasters. Then the student continues on with Levels 3 thru 13. Learning objectives of IAF include exiting an aircraft correctly, freefall with stability and control, hook-ups, 360-degree turns, barrel rolls, tracking, packing your parachute and more.

Before each skydive, your jumpmaster will spend around half an hour reviewing previous material and teaching you a new set of targeted learning objectives (TLO’s). You progress to the next level when you have met all of the TLO’s for your current level. Each level consists of one or more skydives, depending on your rate of progression. For pricing, click here. Let us know in advance when you will be coming out, so that we can arrange adequate staffing. It is recommended that you make your jumps as close together as you can; you will have to repeat the previous level and take currency training if you wait more than 30 days between skydives. We encourage you to remain current! REMEMBER: You can’t skydive if you’re not here! We may have blue skies in Gardiner even if the weather is poor where you are.

Still on the fence?  Check out the video below of some of our students from the past seasons…

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