I found skydiving late and by pure chance or destiny…I think the latter.

I was a single Mom with 3 sons, strange time to pick up an extreme sport but perfect for me.

My oldest son wanted no part; #2 son was interested, started his tandem progression in Vermont and then came to the Ranch. #3 son, Chris, was at home in and around the DZ. Christopher sat for his first ground course at 11 or 12. Got to fly in a 206 and watch jumpers play. He would ride his bike around at the Ranch and get all types of pointers from his soon-to-be mentors. I did remove him when the sun went down!

At 18 he was going for it! I was so lucky to be the one to take Chris out on his very first tandem. Crazy fantastic! He was hooked and has been a committed part of the Ranch family and skydiving community ever since, and one of my favorite play buddies!

He got so into it, he joined a competitive team: Let’s hear it for R2G!!! Brenn Richards, Michelle Karamon, Joey Marshall and Chris Kuhlmann….oh yeah and Sonic Bayrasli, of course. They are representing the Ranch and the sport on a level that is noteworthy to say the least, winning silver at US Nationals in 2016. Talent, personality, commitment, focus, loyalty, competitiveness, they have what it takes to go all the way…..and they actively give back. What a package!


So in closing, the Ranch is a very special place; we are all very lucky to have found our way here. Feed it, grow it because if you travel around to other DZ’s you will truly see how special this place is.

Peace out!

Oh shit, forgot the most important part!


Debbie Franzese, Christopher’s very proud mom and Ranch lifer